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The Lake

Few steps away from the city center, you will find the beautiful lake of Neufhcateau. Peaceful and quiet at sunset or sundown it is great to walk there and slow down after a busy day or week.

During a summer day, enjoy some activities on the water, go to the restaurant for a drink or lunch. Several walks to the forest start  or end at the lake as well. For sure you won't miss to go to this beautiful spot.

The Forest

The foret surrounds the Lake and the City of Neufchateau. Several trails are available for walking or biking in the forest. Visit the tourist information center for more information.



Mountainbike, Tennis, Kayak and much more sports can be done here. No need to travel with your bike, this can be rented in Neufchateau. Even ebikes are available, do book in advance, though. Kayak is available 15min  away from Neufchâteau and can bring you up to Florenville.


Orval-The Abbey

Orval is well known for its trappist beer made by the Trappists Cistercian monks of Orval. Although the Brewery can only be visited once a year, the site of the Monastery is worth a visit any time of the year. Discover this beautiful site: the ruines of the medieval abbey, its garden with medicinal plants, the Pharmacy museum and much more. End you vist with the Abbey shop to buy books, beer or cheese to enjoy further during your stay or back home.


Bastogne War Museum

Bastogne is well known for the history of the WWII and more particularly for the Battlle of the Ardennes. This is the what is related in this site that is dedicated to the WWII as a reminder of what we should not forget.

The museum is located closed o the center of Bastogne that is busy even in weekends. It is therefore a great activity to plan on  a Sunday: the Museum, the Memorial and a relaxed day end in the center of Bastogne for a drink, an ice-cream a dinner or even a bit of shopping.



Bouillon is a charming little town, 20min away from Neufchâteau. It is well known for its medieval forteresse. A visit there is somehow travelling back in that time of the Crusaders like Godfried from Bouillon or to the time of the legends with the brave knights.

Finish your day with a visit of the town, you will surely find a nice terasse in the sun wiith a beutiful view on the Semois.


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