You are welcome,

even with the distance

Arrival and Departure

Upon your arrival we won't welcome you anymore with a handshake, a warm smile will do. Well aware of the guidelines, we will maintain at least the required distance of 1,5m and in addition we will be wearing mask when we need to interact directly with you: at your arrival and departure.

We will ask the same attention from you as regards the social distance  and thank you in advance for this.

Common spaces

The appartment is an independent and fully-equipped appartment on the second floor of La Citadine. If you are staying in the appartment, only the staircase may be shared with other guests, if one of the rooms of the bed and breakfast is occupied. Please take other guest into account in public spaces, by giving each other space and keeping sufficient distance.  We ask you to wear a mask in the staircase when access is busy.

If you are staying in one of the rooms, you may request the (free) privatisations of the house. Please request this prior to your reservation. 

Although maximum occupancy is limited to 10 people by law,  we limit the occupancy to a maximum of 8 people in La Citadine.

Shared spaces are cleaned and disinfected twice a day when shared by different groups.



To prevent the propagation of the virus: the cleaning is followed by systematic disinfection of the place and all its accessories according to our cleaning-intervention plan that follows the "walking forward" principle.

Feel free to ask details about our cleaning intervention plan, we'll be happy to share it with you

Feeling ill?

If you feel ill prior to your stay or if you have been in contact with someone who was diagonsed with covid-19, 2 weeks prior to your stay,  please inform us and cancel your stay free of charge.

If you show symptoms of illness at arrival, we won't be able to welcome you in La Citadine.

If you are feeling ill during your stay, please consult a doctor. We will liaise you with one.

If you are diagnosed with Covid-19 in the 2 weeks following your stay, please inform us.